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李艳, 胡星盛, 黄静伟(), 王磊, 佘厚德, 王其召()   

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  • 作者简介:Jingwei Huang is currently an associate professor in the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Northwest Normal University. He obtained Ph.D. degree from Lanzhou University in 2017. Now he is mainly engaged in photoelectrocatalytic and electrocatalytic water splitting to produce hydrogen, and CO2 reduction
    Prof. Qizhao Wang obtained his Ph.D. degree in engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University. Now he is mainly engaged in the research of new energy materials (hydrogen production by photolysis of water, photoelectric conversion, electrocatalysis, CO2 photoelectric catalytic reduction), environmental catalysis and water treatment
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Development of Iron-Based Heterogeneous Cocatalysts for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation

Yan Li, Xingsheng Hu, Jingwei Huang(), Lei Wang, Houde She, Qizhao Wang()   

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    the National Natural Science Foundation of China(21663027);the National Natural Science Foundation of China(21808189);the National Natural Science Foundation of China(21962018);the Young Teachers'Research Ability Improvement Project of Northwest Normal University(NWNU-LKQN2020-0)


化石燃料的使用已经引起了严重的环境问题,例如空气污染和温室效应。同时,化石燃料作为不可再生能源无法一直满足人们不断的能源需求。因此,开发清洁可再生能源非常重要。氢是一种清洁无污染的可再生能源,可以缓解整个社会的能源压力。地球在一秒钟内接收到的太阳光能为1.7 × 1014 J,远远超过了人类一年的总能源消耗。因此,将太阳能转化为有价值的氢能对于减少对化石燃料的依赖具有重要的意义。自1972年藤岛昭和本多健一首次报道TiO2光催化剂以来,人们发现半导体可以通过电或光驱动水分解产生清洁无污染的氢气。通过这种方式产氢不仅可以替代化石燃料,还可以提供环保的可再生氢能源,受到了人们的广泛关注。光电化学(PEC)水分解可以利用太阳能生产清洁、可持续的氢能。由于光阳极上的析氧反应(OER)缓慢,因此总的能量转换效率仍然很低,限制了PEC水分解的实际应用。助催化剂对于改善光电化学水分解性能是必要的。贵金属氧化物已被证明是最有效的OER催化剂,因为它们在酸性和碱性条件下具有很高的OER活性。然而,这些贵金属氧化物成本高和储量低,极大地限制了它们的实际应用。因此,开发高活性和低成本的OER助催化剂非常重要。迄今为止,对第一周期过渡金属(例如,Fe,Co,Ni和Mn)助催化剂的合成研究比较集中。其中,铁在地球上含量丰富,并且毒性比其他过渡金属低,使其成为良好的助催化剂。另外,铁基化合物具有半导体/金属的特性和独特的电子结构,可以改善材料的电导率和对水的吸附性能。目前,各种具有高催化活性的铁基催化剂已经被设计来提高光电化学的水氧化效率。本文简要概述了羟基氧化铁,铁基层状双氢氧化物和铁基钙钛矿等的结构、合成和应用方面的最新研究进展,并讨论了这些助催化剂在光电化学水氧化的性能。

关键词: 光电化学水分解, 析氧反应, 羟基氧化铁, 铁基层状双氢氧化物, 铁基钙钛矿


The use of fossil fuels has caused serious environmental problems such as air pollution and the greenhouse effect. Moreover, because fossil fuels are a non-renewable energy source, they cannot meet the continuously increasing demand for energy. Therefore, the development of clean and renewable energy sources is necessitated. Hydrogen energy is a clean, non-polluting renewable energy source that can ease the energy pressure of the whole society. The sunlight received by the Earth is 1.7× 1014 J in 1 s, which far exceeds the total energy consumption of humans in one year. Therefore, conversion of solar energy to valuable hydrogen energy is of significance for reducing the dependence on fossil fuels. Since Fujishima and Honda first reported on TiO2 in 1972, it has been discovered that semiconductors can generate clean, pollution-free hydrogen through water splitting driven by electricity or light. Hydrogen generated through this approach can not only replace fossil fuels but also provide environmentally friendly renewable hydrogen energy, which has attracted considerable attention. Photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting can use solar energy to produce clean, sustainable hydrogen energy. Because the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) over a photoanode is sluggish, the overall energy conversion efficiency is considerably low, limiting the practical application of PEC water splitting. A cocatalyst is, thus, necessary to improve PEC water splitting performance. So far, the synthesis of first-row transition-metal-based (e.g., Fe, Co, Ni, and Mn) cocatalysts has been intensively studied. Iron is earth-abundant and less toxic than other transition metals, making it a good cocatalyst. In addition, iron-based compounds exhibit the properties of a semiconductor/metal and have unique electronic structures, which can improve electrical conductivity and water adsorption. Various iron-based catalysts with high activity have been designed to improve the efficiency of PEC water oxidation. This article briefly summarizes the research progress related to the structure, synthesis, and application of iron oxyhydroxides, iron-based layered double hydroxides, and iron-based perovskites and discusses the evaluation of the performance of these cocatalysts toward photoelectrochemical water oxidation.

Key words: Photoelectrochemical water splitting, Oxygen evolution reaction, Ferric hydroxide, Iron-based layered double hydroxide, Iron-based perovskites


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