Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin. ›› 1999, Vol. 15 ›› Issue (03): 265-268.doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB19990313

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Determinstion of Standard Transfer Entropies of RbCl from H2O to Mixtures of H2O-DMF

Li Lin-Wei, Chu De-Ying, Liu Rui-Lin   

  1. College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering,Peking University,Beijing 100871|Department of Chemistry,Liaocheng Teachers College,Liaocheng City 252059
  • Received:1998-01-19 Revised:1998-06-04 Published:1999-03-15
  • Contact: Chu De-Ying


The standard electromotive forces of the reversible cells consisted of the Corning monovalent general cation selective electrode (M + ISE) and chloride selective electrode (Cl ISE), namely
Cl --ISE|RbCl( m ),H 2O(1- x ),DMF( x )|M +-ISE
have been measured, and the standard free energies of transfer(ΔStΘ) of RbCl from H2O to mixtures of H2O DMF have been calculated, the standard transfer entropies(ΔStΘ) have been also calculated from temperature coefficients ofΔStΘof RbCl at seven temperatures from 283.15 K to 318.15 K. The behavior of change ofΔStΘof RbCl with experimental temperature and mole fraction ( x ) of DMF in the mixed solvents and its influence on the structure of the mixed solvents were discussed on the basis of solvation theory ofelectrolyte solution.

Key words: RbCl, Standard transfer entropies, Ionic solvation, Structure of solvent