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Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin.  1999, Vol. 15 Issue (09): 860-864    DOI: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB19990917
Studies on p-aminoazobenzene(C12H11N3)Using Photoionization Mass Spectrum with Synchrotron Radiation(SR)
Wu Guo-Hua, Sheng Liu-Si, Gao Hui, Zhang Yun-Wu
Nationl Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory,University of Science and Technology of China,Hefei 230029
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In this paper, the photoionization and photodissociative ionization processes of p-aminoazobenzene (pAAB, C12H11N3) using coincidence technology with vacuum ultraviolet synchrotron radiation (SR) photoionizaton mass spectroscopy are reported. The ionization potential (IP) of this molecule and the appearance potentials (AP) of the important ionic fragments from the SR photodissociative ionization of pAAB have been measured. On the basis of the IP(C12H11N3) and AP measured in this experiment and the IP(C6H5) from the literature, the dissociative energy D 0(C 6H 5-N 2C 6H 4NH 2),D 0(C 6H + 5-N 2C 6H 4NH 2),D 0(C 6H 5-N 2C 6H 4NH + 2),D 0(C 6H 5N 2-C 6H 4NH 2 +) and ionization potential of free radical N 2C 6H 4NH 2 have been evaluated. Based on the results of the mass spectroscopy of pAAB obtained with SR photoionization, the possible channels of photodissociative ionization of pAAB have been analyzed. The processes(molecular ions or the fregmental ions) giving rise to the ions C 6H + 5 and C 6H 6N + need further study.  

Key wordsSynchrotron Radiation      Photoionization      Mass Spectrum      Ionization potential      p-aminoazobenzene     
Received: 30 December 1998      Published: 15 September 1999
Corresponding Authors: Wu Guo-Hua   
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Wu Guo-Hua, Sheng Liu-Si, Gao Hui, Zhang Yun-Wu. Studies on p-aminoazobenzene(C12H11N3)Using Photoionization Mass Spectrum with Synchrotron Radiation(SR). Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin., 1999, 15(09): 860-864.

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