Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin. ›› 2002, Vol. 18 ›› Issue (05): 399-413.doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB20020504

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Properties of Y2O3:Eu Nanocrystals Prepared by Thermodecomposition of Benzoic Acid

Gao Gai-Ling;Fang Yu;Wang Ming-Zhen;Hu Dao-Dao   

  1. School of Chemistry and Materials Science,Shaanxi Normal University,Xi′an 710062
  • Received:2001-10-08 Revised:2001-12-03 Published:2002-05-15
  • Contact: Fang Yu


A series of Y3+ and Eu3+ complexes have been synthesized by taking benzoic acid,onitrobenzoic acid,mnitrobenzoic acid,pnitrobenzoic acid and 3,5dinitrobenzoic acid as ligands.Based upon the properties of the explosive decomposition of the complexes,a number of Y2O3:Eu nanocrystals have been prepared by solid state thermodecomposition.TEM,Xray diffraction analyses show that the Y2O3:Eu nanocrystallites have spherical structure,and the average size of the crystals is within 40~60 nm.Introduction of Eu3+ has little effect upon the crystal structure of the oxides.Furthermore,change in the structure of the ligands of the complexes does not affect the morphology and sizes of the final products significantly.Compared with the products from the nitro substituted benzoic acid complexes,however,the Y2O3:Eu nanocrystals obtained from benzoic acid complex aggregated severely.It is to be noted that annealing temperature has an obvious effect upon the sizes of the final products.The higher the temperature is,the larger the nanocrystals will be.Fluorescence measurements demonstrated clearly that all the Y2O3:Eu nanocrystallites luminescence similarly.But,the luminescent property of the one prepared by benzoic acid complex is the superior one.

Key words: Rare earth complex;Y2O3:Eu nano crystalline; Fluorescence;Benzoic acid;Solid state thermodecomposition