Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin. ›› 2003, Vol. 19 ›› Issue (12): 1133-1137.doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB20031208

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Synthesis and Crystal Structure of an Inorganic-Organic Hybrid CompoundCo(μ2-bpy)V2O6 (bpy=4,4’-bipyridine)

Li Zeng-He;Yin Chen;Wang Ru-Ji;Wang Ping;Guo Hong-You   

  1. Department of Chemistry, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing 100029;Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084
  • Received:2003-05-16 Revised:2003-08-11 Published:2003-12-15
  • Contact: Guo Hong-You

Abstract: A novel inorganic/organic hybrid compound Co(μ2-bpy)V2O6 was synthesized by hydrothermal reaction of CoCl2•6H2O, 4,4′-bipyridine,NH4VO3,and H2O in a molar ratio of 1∶2∶2∶1950 at 170 ℃ for 72 h. The compound crystallized in triclinic space group Pī,with the cell parameters a=0.81599(7) nm, b=0.85826(7) nm, c=1.02031(8) nm, α=87.111(2)°, β=75.305(2)° and γ=74.782(2). As showed by single crystal X-ray diffraction, The crystal structure is constructed with inorganic bimetallic oxide layers, [Co2V4O12]n, and organic 4,4′-bipyridine μ2-ligands.The 4,4′-bipyridine ligands bridge the inorganic layers through N-Co coordination bonds to build up a three dimensional covalent framework with various open micropores. UV-Vis-NIR reflectance spectrum study revealed the nature of a semiconductor with an energy gap of ca.2.0 eV and thermal analysis showed thermal stability below 420 ℃ for the title compound.

Key words: Co(μ2-bpy)V2O6, Hydrothermal synthesis, Crystal structure, Thermal stability, Diffuse reflectance spectra