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Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin.  2012, Vol. 28 Issue (12): 2767-2773    DOI: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB201209052
Reaction of p-Chloronitrobenzene Adsorbed on Silver Nanoparticles
LUO Wen-Li, SU Ya-Qiong, TIAN Xiang-Dong, ZHAO Liu-Bin, WU De-Yin, TIAN Zhong-Qun
State Key Laboratory for Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces, Department of Chemistry, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, Fujian Province, P. R. China
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Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) on silver nanoparticles is highly sensitive because of surface plasmon resonance. We have studied the structures and photoinduced chemical reactions of p-chloronitrobenzene (PCNB) molecules adsorbed on silver nanoparticles using a combination of SERS and density functional theory (DFT) calculations. When the PCNB molecules are adsorbed to the surface of silver nanoparticles in alkaline solution, the SERS spectra are very different from the normal Raman spectra of PCNB. Comparison of the DFT simulated Raman spectra of PCNB and p,p'-dichloroazobenzene (DCAB) indicates that the new peaks in the SERS spectrum of PCNB adsorbed on silver nanoparticles arise from the azo (C-N=N-C) group of DCAB.

Key wordsSurface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy      Density functional theory      p-Chloronitrobenzene      p,p'-Dichloroazobenzene      Silver nanoparticle     
Received: 25 July 2012      Published: 05 September 2012
MSC2000:  O646  

The project was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (20973143, 91027009, 21021002), National Key Basic Research Program of China (973) (2009CB930703), and Xiamen University, China (2010121020).

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LUO Wen-Li, SU Ya-Qiong, TIAN Xiang-Dong, ZHAO Liu-Bin, WU De-Yin, TIAN Zhong-Qun. Reaction of p-Chloronitrobenzene Adsorbed on Silver Nanoparticles. Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin., 2012, 28(12): 2767-2773.

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