Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin. ›› 1990, Vol. 6 ›› Issue (05): 622-628.doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB19900521

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Research on the Waterproof Gas-Diffusion Electrode of Tungsten Carbide

Ma Chun-An; Yang Zu-Wang; Zhou Yun-Hong; Zha Quan-Xing   

  1. Department of Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang Institute of Technology, Hangzhou; Department of Chemistry, Wuhan University, Wuhan
  • Received:1989-05-15 Revised:1990-01-28 Published:1990-10-15
  • Contact: Ma Chun-An

Abstract: A gas-diffusion electrode of WC was made by active WC powder, PTFE with some additives. The influences of the electro-catalytic activity of Tungsten Carbide (WC) powder and the preparation of the electrode on its activity have been investigated. The results show that the activity of the waterproof gas-diffusion electrode of WC is directly related to the composition, the specific surface area of WC powder, the loading capacity of WC powder and PTFE content in the electrode. At η=250 mV, the appa-rent activation energies (kJ·mol~(-1).) of hydrogen ionisation reaction (HIR) for the electrode are 23.3 in 3.5 mol·L~(-1) HCl, 14.5 in 2.0 mol·L~(-1) H_2SO_4 and 13.7 in 85% H_3PO_4 respectively. When the electrode is polarized to 250 mV (vs. DHE) in 2.0 mol·L~(-1) H_2SO_4 at 60 ℃, the current dentity of HIR is 3020 mA·g~(-1) and the electrode has the highest activity.