Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin. ›› 2004, Vol. 20 ›› Issue (07): 767-771.doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB20040721

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Thermochemistry of the Ternary Complex Tb(Et2dtc)3(phen)

Jiao Bao-Juan;Zhu Li;Yang Xu-Wu;Chen San-Ping;Gao Sheng-Li;Shi Qi-Zhen   

  1. Department of Chemistry, Northwest University, Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Physico-inorgaric Chemistry, Xi′an 710069
  • Received:2003-12-09 Revised:2004-03-16 Published:2004-07-15
  • Contact: Gao Sheng-Li

Abstract: The ternary solid complex, Tb(Et2dtc)3(phen),has been synthesized with sodium diethyldithiocarbamate(NaEt2dtc), 1,10-phenanthroline(o-phen•H2O) and low hydrated terbium chloride in absolute ethanol. IR spectrum of the complex showed that the Tb3+ coordinated with six sulfur atoms of three NaEt2dtc and two nitrogen atoms of phen. The enthalpies change of liquid-phase reaction of formation,ΔrHmθ(l),was determined as(-21.819±0.055) kJ•mol-1 at 298.15 K by a microcalorimeter, the enthalpies change of the solid-phase reaction of formation,ΔrHmθ(s), was calculated as(128.476±0.675) kJ•mol-1 on the basis of a thermochemical cycle. The thermodynamic of reaction of formation was studied by changing the temperature of liquid-phase reaction. The constant-volume combustion energy of the complex,ΔcU, was determined as(-17646.95±8.64) kJ•mol-1 by a precise rotating-bomb calorimeter at 298.15 K. Its standard enthalpies of combustion,ΔcHmθ, and standard enthalpies of formation,ΔfHmθ, were calculated as(-17666.16±8.64) kJ•mol-1 and (-1084.04±9.49) kJ•mol-1, respectively.

Key words: Tb(Et2dtc)3(phen), Microcalorimeter,  Thermodynamics, Constant-volume combustion energy, Standard mole enthalpy of formation