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Study on a New Activation Method for Initiating Electroless Plating on Alumina Powders Based on SAMs Bonded Palladium
Xu Li-Na;Xu Hong-Fei;Zhou Kai-Chang;Xu Ai-Qun;Yue Zeng-Quan;Gu Ning;Zhang Hai-Qian;Liu Ju-Zheng;Chen Kun-Ji
State Laboratory of Molecular and Biomolecular Electronics,Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Center of Analysis and Test,Southeast University,Nanjing 210096;State Key Laboratory of Solid State microstructures,Nanjing University,Nanjing 210093
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Electroless plating on nonmetallic species requires the surface to be metallized.Typically the catalytic palladium nuclei are adsorbed on the particles via stannous chloride sensitization.In this paper,a new activation method has been developed for initiating electroless copper plating on alumina powder based on palladium chemisorption on SAMs of 3Aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTS) in the absence of SnCl2 sensitization.XPS study indicates that chemsorption of palladium on the surfaces was achieved by bonding palladium chloride to the outwards pendant amino group of the SAMs.Therefore,the palladium is not easily to be desorpted.The metallized product was characterized by XRD,FTIR and crosssection metallography.The results showed that alumina was covered by a uniform fccstructured crystalline copper layer about 2 μm thick.This concerned activation method has the advantages of decreasing the thickness of the activation layer,improving the storage life of the activated powders and enhancing adhesion between the deposited metal and the substrate without roughening conditioning.It could also be extended to other substrates with hydroxylated surfaces.

Keywords: Selfassembled monolayers (SAMs)   Palladium chemsorption   Activation method   Alumina powder   Electroless plating  
Received: 2001-08-18 Accepted: 2001-12-02 Publication Date (Web): 2002-03-15
Corresponding Authors: Xu Li-Na Email:

Cite this article: Xu Li-Na;Xu Hong-Fei;Zhou Kai-Chang;Xu Ai-Qun;Yue Zeng-Quan;Gu Ning;Zhang Hai-Qian;Liu Ju-Zheng;Chen Kun-Ji. Study on a New Activation Method for Initiating Electroless Plating on Alumina Powders Based on SAMs Bonded Palladium[J]. Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin., 2002,18 (03): 284-288.    doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB20020320
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