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Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica  1998, Vol. 14 Issue (06): 534-539    DOI: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB19980610
The Effect of Cr2O3 over Copper-based Catalysts for Methanol Synthesis
Chen Hong-Bo, Yu La-Jia, Liao Dai-Wei, Lin Guo-Dong, Zhang Hong-Bin, Cai Qi-Rui
Institute of Physical Chemistry,Department of Chemistry,Xiamen University,State Key Laboratory Physics Chemistry of the Solid Surface,Xiamen 361005
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 The method of doping the trivalent, canon into copper-based catalyst for methanol synthesis is effective in enhancing catalytic activity. The form of chromium in the catalyst and the nature of promotion effect as well as its relation to catalytic activity after doping Cr2O3 into Cu-ZnO-Al2O3 has been studied by XRD, ESR,TPR and the determination of catalytic activity. The results showed that chromium exists in the ZnO lattice as both Cr3+ and ZnCr2O4. Catalytic activity of Cu-ZnO-Al2O3-Cr2O3 catalyst for methanol synthesis and ESR intensity of the monovalent defect induced by dissolving Cr3+ into ZnO lattice as well as other ESR, species in catalyst are well interrelated. The catalyst containing one per cent of Cr3+(atomic ratio) has the highest catalytic activity.

Key wordsMethanol synthesis      Copper-based catalyst      Defect      Cr2O3     
Received: 22 August 1997      Published: 15 June 1998
Corresponding Authors: Chen Hong-Bo   
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Chen Hong-Bo, Yu La-Jia, Liao Dai-Wei, Lin Guo-Dong, Zhang Hong-Bin, Cai Qi-Rui. The Effect of Cr2O3 over Copper-based Catalysts for Methanol Synthesis. Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica, 1998, 14(06): 534-539.

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