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Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin.  1999, Vol. 15 Issue (01): 15-21    DOI: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB19990104
Synergistic Effect between CuO and CeO2 for CO Oxidation
Zhang Ji-Jun, Liu Ying-Jun, Li Neng, Lin Bing-Xiong
Institute of Physical Chemistry,Peking University,Beijing 100871
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 A series of Cu-Ce-O catalysts, prepared by amorphous citric processor, have been investigated by XRD, ICP and micro-reaction techniques. The results showed that for low copper content Cu-Ce-O catalysts, fluorite structure formed at low calcining temperature, CuO doped into the CeO2 matrix; for high copper content, in addition to fluorite structure, crystalline monoclinic phase CuO formed as well at high calcining temperature. No other crystalline phase formed even calcined at temperatures as high as 1000 ℃.The catalytic activity of CO oxidation was greatly promoted for the synergistic effect between copper oxide and ceria. The optimum catalyst is that calcined at 700 ℃ for 4h with the relative composition of 15% of Cu/(Cu+Ce) (atomic ratio),while the formulation of the active complex oxide with fluorite structure is Cu0.06Ce0.94O1.94.

Key wordsCeria      Copper oxide      Fluorite complex oxide      CO oxidation      XRD      Synergistic effect     
Received: 16 March 1998      Published: 15 January 1999
Corresponding Authors: Liu Ying-Jun;   
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Zhang Ji-Jun, Liu Ying-Jun, Li Neng, Lin Bing-Xiong. Synergistic Effect between CuO and CeO2 for CO Oxidation. Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin., 1999, 15(01): 15-21.

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