Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin. ›› 2005, Vol. 21 ›› Issue (05): 468-473.doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB20050502

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Catalytic Activity of M/(MgO)y(CeO2)1-y (M=Ni, Co, Cu) Catalysts for Methane Combustion

LI Yong-Xin; GUO Yu-Hua; JI Yong-Qiang   

  1. Key Laboratory of Natural Gas Conversion of Ningxia, Ningxia University, Yinchuan    750021
  • Received:2004-09-08 Revised:2004-11-09 Published:2005-05-15
  • Contact: LI Yong-Xin

Abstract: A sol-gel method was employed to prepare M/(MgO)y(CeO2)1-y (M=Ni, Co, Cu) catalyst for methane combustion. The relationship between the catalytic activity of Ni/(MgO)y(CeO2)1-y and the content of Ce was studied. Ni/(MgO)0.9(CeO2)0.1 was found to have the highest catalytic activity and the best thermal stability. The effect of the activity of M/(MgO)0.9(CeO2)0.1 (M=Ni, Co, Cu) on combustion of methane was investigated. Cu/(MgO)0.9(CeO2)0.1 had the highest activity, but was sintered after second evaluation. The catalytic activity of Ni/(MgO)0.9(CeO2)0.1 catalyst was similar to that of Cu/(MgO)0.9(CeO2)0.1 catalyst and Ni/(MgO)0.9(CeO2)0.1 catalyst had the best thermal stability. Co/(MgO)0.9(CeO2)0.1 catalyst exhibited the lowest activity and a mediate stability, it retained a large specific surface area after second evaluation. Ni/(MgO)0.9(CeO2)0.1 catalyst calcined at 1000 ℃ still had a specific surface area of 14.32 m2•g-1 and high catalytic activity as well as good thermal stability.

Key words: Methane, Catalytic combustion, (MgO)y(CeO2)1-y support, Ni, Cu, Co active component