Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin. ›› 2013, Vol. 29 ›› Issue (09): 1837-1841.doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB201307024

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Synthesis of Ternary Hybrid TiO2-SiO2-POM Catalysts and Its Application in Degrading Rhodamine B under Visible Light Illumination

WANG Xiao-Xia1, XU Hua-Long1, SHEN Wei1, RUHLMANN Laurent2, QIN Feng1, SORGUES Sébastien3, COLBEAU-JUSTIN Christophe3   

  1. 1 Department of Chemistry, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Molecular Catalysis and Innovative Materials, Laboratory of Advanced Materials, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, P. R. China;
    2 Laboratoire d'Electrochimie et de Chimie Physique du Corps Solide, Institut de Chimie, UMR au CNRS n°7177, Université de Strasbourg, France;
    3 Laboratoire de Chimie Physique, UMR au CNRS n°8000, Université Paris-Sud 11, Orsay, France
  • Received:2013-05-15 Revised:2013-07-02 Published:2013-08-28
  • Contact: XU Hua-Long
  • Supported by:

    The project was supported by the Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology, China (12DZ2275100) and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France and Université de Strasbourg, France.


Ternary hybrid TiO2-SiO2-polyoxometalates (POMs) synthesized by stepped sol-gel method exhibit remarkable efficiency in photodegrading the industrial dye Rhodamine B. Time resolved microwave conductivity (TRMC) and diffuse reflection spectrophotometry (DRS) were used to investigate excess charge-carrier lifetimes and the band gap of the ternary hybrid TiO2-SiO2-POM catalysts. The binding of TiO2 and SiO2 reinforces absorbance across the visible spectra and the combination of TiO2 and POMs improves the stability of h+-e- pairs, which are the active sites of the reaction. In the ternary hybrid system, the synergistic effect amongst the three components contributes to better photocatalytic ability under visible light illumination when compared with either monomer TiO2 or POMs.

Key words: TiO2-SiO2-POM, Rhodamine B, Synergistic effect, Photodegradation under visible light illumination


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