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Acta Phys. Chim. Sin.  2013, Vol. 29 Issue (09): 1998-2004    DOI: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB201307031
Organic Electrolytes for Activated Carbon-Based Supercapacitors with Flexible Package
HUANG Bo, SUN Xian-Zhong, ZHANG Xiong, ZHANG Da-Cheng, MA Yan-Wei
Key Laboratory of Applied Superconductivity, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, P. R. China
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We fabricated activated carbon (AC)-based supercapacitors encased in flexible packaging using a novel organic electrolyte, triethylmethylammonium tetrafluoroborate/acetonitrile+propylene carbonate (MeEt3NBF4/(AN+PC)), and two conventional organic electrolytes, tetraethylammonium tetrafluoroborate/acetonitrile (Et4NBF4/AN) and tetraethylammonium tetrafluoroborate/propylene carbonate (Et4NBF4/PC). Cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements in various voltage windows were conducted. In addition, a comprehensive comparison of these three electrolytes was conducted via data obtained from cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, galvanostatic charge-discharge, leakage current, self-discharge, cyclic life, and coulombic efficiency within the 0-3 V voltage window. The results indicate that MeEt3NBF4/(AN+PC) combining the advantages of AN and PC exhibits excellent performance.

Key wordsSupercapacitor      Organic electrolyte      Activated carbon     
Received: 08 April 2013      Published: 03 July 2013
MSC2000:  O646  

The project was supported by the Knowledge Innovation Programof the Chinese Academy of Sciences (KJCX2-YW-W26), Science and Technology Project of Beijing, China (Z111100056011007), and National Natural Science Foundation of China (21001103, 51025726).

Corresponding Authors: MA Yan-Wei     E-mail:
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HUANG Bo, SUN Xian-Zhong, ZHANG Xiong, ZHANG Da-Cheng, MA Yan-Wei. Organic Electrolytes for Activated Carbon-Based Supercapacitors with Flexible Package. Acta Phys. Chim. Sin., 2013, 29(09): 1998-2004.

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