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Acta Phys. Chim. Sin.  2014, Vol. 30 Issue (4): 693-698    DOI: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB201402121
Mixed Cationic and Anionic Surfactant Systems Achieve Ultra-Low Interfacial Tension in the Karamay Oil Field
ZHAO Hai-Na1,2, CHENG Xin-Hao2, ZHAO Ou-Di2, HUANG Jian-Bin1,2, LIU Chen-Jiang1, ZHAO Bo3
1 Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Fine Chemicals, Ministry of Education & Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, College of Chemistry and chemical Engineering, Xinjiang University, Urumqi 830046, P. R. China;
2 College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University, Beijing 100871, P. R. China;
3 Xinjiang Keli New Technology Development Ltd., Karamay 834099, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, P. R. China
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Based on cationic and anionic surfactant mixed systems, ultra-low interfacial tension was achieved in the Karamay oil field systems. Upon the addition of a non-ionic third component, the solubility of the mixed cationic-anionic surfactant systems increased significantly. The mixed surfactant ratio and the concentration were determined by the application in the five areas of the Karamay oil field. The interfacial tension in some real systems was found to be around 10-4 mN·m-1. These cationic and anionic surfactant mixed systems have a super-resistance adsorption capacity. The results show that after 72 h of quartz adsorption, these systems can still reduce the interfacial tension to an ultra-low level.

Key wordsCationic and anionic surfactant      Non-ionic protectant      Ultra-low interfacial tension      Enhanced oil recovery      Resistance adsorption capacity     
Received: 31 October 2013      Published: 12 February 2014
MSC2000:  O648  

The project was supported by the National Key Basic Research Program of China (973) (2013CB933800), Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China, and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region High Technology Research and Development Program of China (201215138).

Corresponding Authors: HUANG Jian-Bin     E-mail:
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ZHAO Hai-Na, CHENG Xin-Hao, ZHAO Ou-Di, HUANG Jian-Bin, LIU Chen-Jiang, ZHAO Bo. Mixed Cationic and Anionic Surfactant Systems Achieve Ultra-Low Interfacial Tension in the Karamay Oil Field. Acta Phys. Chim. Sin., 2014, 30(4): 693-698.

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