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Acta Phys Chim Sin >> 2016,Vol.32>> Issue(10)>> 2427-2446     doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB201607261         中文摘要
Advances inWearable and Flexible Conductors Based on Nanocarbon Materials
XIA Kai-Lun, JIAN Mu-Qiang, ZHANG Ying-Ying
Center for Nano and Micro Mechanics, Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, P. R. China
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With the rapid development of wearable devices, flexible conductive materials, which are one of the most important components of flexible electronics, have continued to attract increasing attention as important materials. Conventional electrodes mainly consist of rigid metallic materials, and consequently lack flexibility. Some of the strategies commonly used to make flexible metal electrodes include reducing the thickness of the electrode and designing electrodes with unique structural features. However, these techniques are generally complicated and expensive. Nanocarbon materials, especially carbon nanotubes and graphene, are highly flexible and exhibit excellent conductivity, superior thermal stability, good chemical stability, and high transmittance, making them good alternative materials for the preparation of flexible conductors. In this review, we have summarized recent advances towards the development of flexible conductors based on different types of nanocarbon materials, including carbon nanotubes arrays, carbon nanotubes films, carbon nanotubes fibers, graphene prepared using exfoliation or chemical vapor deposition techniques and graphene fibers. We have also provided a brief review of flexible conductive materials based on graphene/carbon nanotube composites, as well as a summary of the synthesis, fabrication and performances of these conductors. Finally, we have discussed the future challenges and possible research directions of flexible conductors based on nanocarbon materials.

Keywords: Carbon nanotube   Graphene   Nanocarbon material   Flexible conductive material   Wearable device  
Received: 2016-06-06 Accepted: 2016-07-26 Publication Date (Web): 2016-07-26
Corresponding Authors: ZHANG Ying-Ying Email:

Fund: The project was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51422204, 51372132), Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education, China (20120002120038), and National Key Basic Research Program of China (973) (2013CB228506).

Cite this article: XIA Kai-Lun, JIAN Mu-Qiang, ZHANG Ying-Ying. Advances inWearable and Flexible Conductors Based on Nanocarbon Materials[J]. Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin., 2016,32 (10): 2427-2446.    doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB201607261

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