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Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin.  2017, Vol. 33 Issue (10): 2072-2081    DOI: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB201705127
Effect of the Amount of Hydrofluoric Acid on the Structural Evolution and Photocatalytic Performance of Titanium Based Semiconductors
ZHANG Hao, LI Xin-Gang, CAI Jin-Meng, WANG Ya-Ting, WU Mo-Qing, DING Tong, MENG Ming, TIAN Ye
School of Chemical Engineering & Technology, Tianjin University, Collaborative Innovation Center for Chemical Science & Engineering (Tianjin), Tianjin Key Laboratory of Applied Catalysis Science & Engineering, Tianjin 30072, China
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Herein, the synthesis of a series of titanium based nanocrystals using tetrabutyl titanate (TBT) as the titanium source and hydrofluoric acid (HF) as the fluorine source under solvothermal conditions has been described. The effect of the amount of HF on the structural evolution of the nanocrystals was studied. The catalytic performance of the as-prepared samples was measured by photocatalytic hydrogen evolution, photocatalytic RhB degradation, and chronoamperometric tests. The obtained results showed that anatase TiO2 nanoparticles with exposed {101} facets were synthesized in the absence of HF. After the addition of a small amount of HF, the F- ion adsorbed on the surface of the nanocrystal and decreased the surface energy of the {001} facets. Thus, sheet-shaped TiO2 was formed with exposed {001} facets. Furthermore, the as-prepared sample showed an enhanced photocatalytic performance because of the increased charge separation efficiency, which was dependent on the surface heterostructure generated between the {101} and {001} facets. On further increasing the amount of HF, F- ions started to enter the lattice and formed a new crystal phase. The as-prepared sheet-stacked sample was comprised of TiO2 and TiOF2 phases in both surface and bulk regions, which showed the decreased photocatalytic activity. With the addition of more HF, the F- ion moved completely into the crystal lattice and the large particle structure of (NH4)0.3TiO1.1F2.1 was formed. Although the as-prepared (NH4)0.3TiO1.1F2.1 displayed a low photocatalytic activity because of an improper band gap structure, it could be used as a precursor for the synthesis of N, F doped titanium based semiconductors.

Key wordsHydrofluoric acid      Titanium based semiconductor      Structure evolution      Photocatalysis      Photoelectrochemical performance     
Received: 25 April 2017      Published: 12 May 2017
MSC2000:  O643  

The project was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (21476159), Natural Science Foundation of Tianjin, China (15JCZDJC37400, 15JCYBJC23000).

Corresponding Authors: LI Xin-Gang     E-mail:
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ZHANG Hao, LI Xin-Gang, CAI Jin-Meng, WANG Ya-Ting, WU Mo-Qing, DING Tong, MENG Ming, TIAN Ye. Effect of the Amount of Hydrofluoric Acid on the Structural Evolution and Photocatalytic Performance of Titanium Based Semiconductors. Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin., 2017, 33(10): 2072-2081.

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