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Acta Phys Chim Sin >> 2017,Vol.33>> Issue(12)>> 2327-2338     doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB201706161         中文摘要
Rational Design Strategies for Polymer Donors for Applications in Non-Fullerene Organic Photovoltaic Cells
ZHANG Shao-Qing1,2, HOU Jian-Hui2
1 School of Chemistry and Biology Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, P. R. China;
2 State Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics and Chemistry, Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, P. R. China
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Solution-processable organic photovoltaic cells (OPVs) have attracted considerable interest.Over the past twenty years,fullerene and its derivatives have been predominately used as the electron acceptor materials to fabricate OPV devices.In recent few years,non-fullerene organic photovoltaic cells (NF-OPVs),consisting of polymers as the donors and the non-fullerene (NF) materials as the acceptors,have been developed rapidly,and the highest power conversion efficiencies of NF-OPVs exceed those of fullerene-based OPVs.In these NF-OPVs,both polymeric donor materials and NF acceptors play critical roles in achieving outstanding efficiencies,and hence,the molecular design of the polymer donors has been deemed a very important topic of research in the field.In this review,we will present an introduction of the specific requirements for polymer donors in NF-OPVs and summarize the recent progress related to polymer donors for the applications in highly efficient NF-OPVs.

Keywords: Organic photovoltaic cells   Conjugated polymer   Molecular design   Non-fullerene acceptor   Power conversion efficiency  
Received: 2017-05-29 Accepted: 2017-06-11 Publication Date (Web): 2017-06-16
Corresponding Authors: HOU Jian-Hui Email:

Fund: The project was supported by National Nature Science Foundation of China (91333204,21325419,51673201) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (XDB12030200).

Cite this article: ZHANG Shao-Qing, HOU Jian-Hui. Rational Design Strategies for Polymer Donors for Applications in Non-Fullerene Organic Photovoltaic Cells[J]. Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin., 2017,33 (12): 2327-2338.    doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB201706161

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