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Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica (Wuli Huaxue Xuebao) - 2016, Vol.32 No.6 Online: 03 June 2016
Table of Contents
Lead Iodide as a New Type of Hole Transport Layer for the High Performance of P3HT:PC<sub>61</sub>BM-Based Solar Cells
Structure of 2D Graphdiyne and Its Application in Energy Fields
Advances in Cu<sub>2</sub>ZnSn(S,Se)<sub>4</sub> Thin Film Solar Cells
Application of Organic Hole-Transporting Materials in Perovskite Solar Cells
Research Progress on g-C<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub>-Based Z-Scheme Photocatalytic System
Thermodynamics of the Interaction of BCBP with Bovine Serum Albumin
Dual Effect of Thioflavin T on the Nucleation Kinetics of Amyloid β-Protein 40
Synthesis, Structure and Thermodynamics/Kinetics Analysis of Three Different Interpenetrating Zinc(II) Coordination Architectures
Systematic Verification and Correction of the Group Contribution Method for Estimating Chemical Reaction Heats
Ethylene Oxidation Experimental Study and Kinetic Mechanism Analysis Based on Shock Tube
Initial Reaction Mechanism of RP-3 High Temperature Oxidation Simulated with ReaxFF MD
A Theoretical Investigation of the Rearrangement Reaction of Allylic Acetates Catalyzed by Au(I) Complexes with PtC
First-Principles Investigation of the Structural and Photoelectronic Properties of CH<sub>3</sub>NH<sub>3</sub>Pb<sub><em>x</em></sub>Sn<sub>1-<em>x</em></sub>I<sub>3</sub> Mixed Perovskites
Plasmon Excitations in Silicene Quantum Dot Dimers
Effect of Rotation on the Electronic Transport Properties of a Molecular Device
The Effects of Cathode Platinum Loading and Operating Backpressure on PEMFC Performance
On-Line Electrochemical Transmission Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Pb<sup>2+</sup> Enhanced C―C Bond Breaking in the Ethanol Oxidation Reaction
New Methanol-Tolerant Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalyst——Nitrogen-Doped Hollow Carbon Microspheres@Platinum Nanoparticles Hybrids
Aggregation Behaviour of Reversed Demulsifiers SP169 and DMEA169 in Aqueous Solution
Electron Microscopy Study of Surface Reconstruction and Its Evolution in P2-Type Na<sub>0.66</sub>Mn<sub>0.675</sub>Ni<sub>0.1625</sub>Co<sub>0.1625</sub>O<sub>2</sub> for Sodium-Ion Batteries
In situ Synthesis of ZIF-8 Membranes with Gas Separation Performance in a Deep Eutectic Solvent
Morphological Effects of Manganese Dioxide on Catalytic Reactions for Low-Temperature NH<sub>3</sub>-SCR
Preparation of Highly Dispersed Co/SiO<sub>2</sub> Catalyst Using Ethylene Glycol and Its Application in Vapor-Phase Hydrogenolysis of Ethyl Lactate to 1,2-Propanediol
Preparation of Bismuth Phosphate Photocatalyst with High Dispersion by Refluxing Method
Ce<sub><em>x</em></sub>Ni<sub>0.5</sub>La<sub>0.5-<em>x</em></sub>O Catalysts for Hydrogen Production by Oxidative Steam Reforming of Glycerol: Influence of the Ce-to-La Ratio
One-Step Synthesis of Spirobi[fluorene] and Spiro[fluorene-9,9'-xanthene] Derivatives and Their Applications in Organic Light-Emitting Devices: Performance Enhancement and Related Optical Phenomena
Influence of Terminal Group on Nonlinear Optical Properties of Fluorene Derivatives
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