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Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica (Wuli Huaxue Xuebao) - 2018, Vol.34 No.2 Online: 13 November 2017
Table of Contents
Nitrogen Photofixation over III-V Nitride Nanowires Assisted by Ruthenium Clusters of Low Atomicity
Transfer Channel of Photoinduced Holes on a TiO<sub>2</sub> Surface as Revealed by Solid-State NMR and ESR Spectroscopy
Remarkable SERS Activity Observed from Amorphous ZnO Nanocages
Applications of Nanotechnology for Physical Stimulus-Responsive Cancer Therapies
Application of Multifunctional Nanomaterials in Tumor Radiosensitization
Thermodynamics of the Hydrothermal Decomposition Reaction of Potassic Syenite with Zeolite Formation
Control of the Ligand Surface Density through Reaction Kinetics of Amino and Surface Vinyl Sulfone Groups
Effects of Polyethyleneimine on the Conformation and Binding Capability of Human Serum Albumin
Measurement of Vapor Pressure and Vaporization Enthalpy for Ionic Liquids 1-Hexyl-3-methylimidazolium Threonine Salt[C<sub>6</sub>mim][Thr]by Isothermogravimetric Analysis
Bonding and Reactivity in RB-AsR Systems (R=H, F, OH, CH<sub>3</sub>, CMe<sub>3</sub>, CF<sub>3</sub>, SiF<sub>3</sub>, BO):Substituent Effects
Effect of Pressure on Cesium Iodide Band Gap
An Sodium Bis (trifluoromethanesulfonyl) imide-based Polymer Electrolyte for Solid-State Sodium Batteries
Engineering Oxygen-Deficient Na<sub>2</sub>Ti<sub>3</sub>O<sub>7</sub> Nanobelt Arrays on Carbon Cloth as Advanced Flexible Anodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries
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