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Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica (Wuli Huaxue Xuebao) - 2016, Vol.32 No.7 Online: 08 July 2016
Table of Contents
Recent Progress of Non-Noble Metal Catalysts in Water Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production
Quinones as Electrode Materials for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Research Progress on the Liquid-Phase Preparation and Surface Modification of Copper Nanowires
Skeletal Kinetic Model Generation for the Combustion of C<sub>1</sub>-C<sub>2</sub> Fuels
A Study of Graphene Oxidation Using Thermal Analysis-Mass Spectrometry Combined with Pulse Thermal Analysis
Relationship between the Bond Dipole Moment and Bond Angle of Polar Molecules
Mesoscopic Structure of Nafion-Ionic Liquid Membrane Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulations
Effect of Y on the Properties of Graphene for Hydrogen Storage
Density Functional Theory Study of CO<sub>2</sub> Adsorption in Amine-Functionalized Carbonaceous Materials
Theoretical Insights into Role of Interface for CO Oxidation on Inverse Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>/Au(111) Catalysts
Density Functional Theory Studies of the Structures and Thermodynamic Parameters of Li<sup>+</sup>-Crown Ether Complexes
Effects of Substituents on Reduction Potentials of Disubstituted <em>N</em>-Phenyl-<em>α</em>-phenylnitrones
Effects of Structure on Electrochemical Performances of Ribbon-Shaped Mesophase Pitch-Based Graphite Fibers
Electrochemical Behavior of Pr(Ⅲ) Ions on a Bi-Coated W Electrode in LiCl-KCl Melts
Catalytic Effect of Silver Cathodes on 3,4,5,6-Tetrachloropicolinic Acid Dechlorination in Aqueous Solutions
Investigation of Interfaces of Ionic Liquid via Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy at Room Temperature
Construction and Preparation Mechanism of Hierarchically Porous SiO<sub>2</sub> Monoliths
Preparation of CeO<sub>2</sub>-ZrO<sub>2</sub>-Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> with a Composite Precipitant and Its Supported Pd-Only Three-Way Catalyst
Catalytic Combustion of Gasoline Particulate Soot over CeO<sub>2</sub>-ZrO<sub>2</sub> Catalysts
Improved Photocatalytic Activity for Phenol Degradation of Rutile TiO<sub>2</sub> on the Addition of CuWO<sub>4</sub> and Possible Mechanism
Effect of the Support on Partial Hydrogenation of Toluene over Ru/Oxide Catalysts
Catalytic Properties of Different Crystal Sizes for ZSM-5 Zeolites on the Alkylation of Benzene with Methanol and Optimization of the Reaction Conditions
Deactivation and Regeneration of HZSM-5 Zeolite in Methanol-to-Propylene Reaction
Catalytic Activity and Deactivation of Toluene Combustion on Rod-Like Copper-Manganese Mixed Oxides
Effects of Zr Addition on CO and CH<sub>4</sub> Catalytic Oxidation over PdO/PdO/Ce<sub>1-<em>x</em></sub>Pd<sub><em>x</em></sub>O<sub>2-<em>δ</em></sub> Catalyst
Inhibition of Prion Amyloid Peptide Fibril Formation by Peroxovanadium Complexes
Evaluation of Molecular Binding Modes on Site II of Human Serum Albumin
Effects of B-and In-Doping on Microstructures, Magnetostriction and Magnetic Properties of Melt-Spun Fe<sub>81</sub>Ga<sub>19</sub> Ribbons
Electrochemical Deposition and Field Emission Properties of Graphene/Diamond-Like Carbon Nanocomposite Films
Synthesis and Adsorption Properties of Squamous BiOBr/Bi<sub>2</sub>WO<sub>6</sub>
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