Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin. ›› 1994, Vol. 10 ›› Issue (10): 903-908.doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB19941008

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Enthalpies of Solution and Solvation of NaBr in Aqueous Mixtures of n-propanol

Zhang Ya-Ming, Woloubief A F, Suolamatina N A, Moluokuowa L F   

  1. Department of Chemical Engineering,Nanjing Institute of Chemical Technology,Nanjing 210009|Russian University of Chemical Technology,Moscow,Russian 125820
  • Received:1993-07-07 Revised:1993-12-01 Published:1994-10-15
  • Contact: Zhang Ya-Ming


Enthalpies of solution of NaBr in aqueous mixtures of n-propanol has been measures over various ranges of compositions at 298.15 K, using high-sensitive calorimeter with isothermal shell. On the bases of the results obtained and our former work for the systems NdCl3, BaCl2, NaCl, NaF, and NaI/n-propanol-water, standred enthalpies of solution of afoementioned salts and enthalpies of solvation of sodium halide in aqueous mixtures of n-propanol were calculated. The dependence of enthapies of sulution and solvation of the electrolytes on the nature of ion, composition and structure of the mixed solvents was discussed.

Key words: n-propanol, Sodium bromide, Electrolyte, Enthalpies of solution, Enthalpies of solvation