Acta Phys. -Chim. Sin. ›› 2011, Vol. 27 ›› Issue (06): 1501-1508.doi: 10.3866/PKU.WHXB20110517

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Aromatization of Ethanol over Metal Modified P/HZSM-5 Zeolite

ZHANG Shao-Long, LI Bin, ZHANG Fei-Yue, MA Li, HAN Yan-Hua, FAN Min-Guang   

  1. College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Guangxi University, Nanning 530004, P. R. China
  • Received:2010-12-02 Revised:2011-01-06 Published:2011-05-31
  • Contact: ZHANG Fei-Yue
  • Supported by:

    The project were supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (20763001) and Natural Science Foundation of Guangxi Province, China (0640004).


A series of P/HZSM-5 zeolites modified with different metals (Cr, Co, Cu, Zn) were prepared by impregnation. The physicochemical features of the M-P/HZSM-5 catalysts were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), BET surface area measurements, and temperature programmed desorption of ammonia (NH3-TPD). We investigated the catalytic activity upon the aromatization of ethanol. The results showed that the framework of the modified zeolites was retained while the specific surface area decreased and the distribution of the acid sites changed greatly. Cu-P/HZSM-5 gave excellent catalytic activity. When the P loading and the Cu loading were 3% and 5% on the HZSM-5 zeolites, respectively, P was modified first and then Cu, the aromatization of ethanol over the 5%Cu-3%P/HZSM-5 zeolite achieved 57.6% with a total light aromatic hydrocarbons (BTX) yield at 400 °C and a weight hourly space velocity (WHSV) of 1.0 h-1.

Key words: Ethanol, Aromatization, Light aromatic hydrocarbon, P/HZSM-5 zeolite